Peel Off. By Boscia.

So what is the real hype behind the Luminizing Black Mask that everyone seems to have? It’s not a new product on the market, but from Instagramers to SnapChatters and Bloggers, all have been raving on about this product non-stop. Hence why it sat so high on the “must try list” and subsequently the birth of this post.

So…first and foremost this product was extremely difficult to get a hold of, making the whole experience more intriguing. Now the brand Boscia was originally developed in Japan (almost 37 years ago!!) and was introduced to the United States in 2002. The brand prides themselves in being one of many preservative-free skincare brands. The activated charcoal in their products are known to be great for its deep cleansing action as it’s a natural purifier – it is believed to act as a magnet for dirt and oil residue on the skin. Last but not least, its pore minimising effects.


The product comes in a small tube (black goo like substance) and to be honest the process of evenly applying the product was challenging – i.e. I struggled!! After a few minutes of fumbling around, product smeared over the bathroom bench and all over my hands…I decided to use a flat foundation brush. The application using the brush allowed for an even spread and a clean bathroom bench top & vanity.

As the product dries you will feel a tightening sensation of the skin underneath, however there was no discomfort involved whatsoever. After approximately 30mins, it was completely dry as suggested on the packaging. Now the peeling process takes some practice and skill. Maybe by your 5th attempt you may have acquired the “art of peeling” – you must start at one edge, gently commence the peeling and aim to do it in portions i.e. cheek area, forehead, nose etc. If you haven’t applied enough product this may not work, furthermore if you attempt to do it quickly it will be painful and you will not be successful – words of wisdom.


So I have a combination skin type, hence my T-zone (nose, forehead, chin) is always oily and the remaining areas dry. Post using the peel-off, the skin is left feeling soft and silky smooth around areas of excess oil. The T-zone felt great and you will see a remarkable decrease in the visibility of pores immediately! However my biggest qualm with this product was that it caused skin to become even more dry in areas where I was already struggling with dehydrated skin. The skin in these areas felt tight and rough throughout the day and intense hydration and moisturising was required to recover the skin.

I therefore highly recommend trialling this product over a small area of skin prior to applying it all over the face. Furthermore, I personally would not apply this product over areas I already have dry skin concerns in. Instead, will continue to utilise this product over my T-zone only! For the other areas I utilise the Sake Bright White Mask which goes hand-in-hand and has a more hydrating finish and leaves dry areas plump and brightened.

As with any product the short-term effects are always short lived, hence it is important to incorporate this into your regular skincare routine on a weekly basis and ensure you hydrate your skin with a good moisturiser following the peel and drink plenty of water.



  • Not too hard to peel off (however it may take a few attempts)
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth post peel (smooth as a baby’s bottom)
  • Removes excess oil
  • With long-term use, you will see brightening of the skin
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Great for oily skin types (combination skin types to apply over T-zone areas only)


  • Painful to peel
  • Has a drying effect for individuals with dry skin
  • Skin brightening won’t be visible immediately
  • Nightmare trying to get this off your eyebrows/hairline
  • If you have dry skin, it will further dry your skin (not recommended)

The Boscia – Luminizing Black Mask can be purchased at Sephora or Boscia for $34.

Other similar products in the range: Sake Bright White Mask.


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